It's been a challenging year, but a happy one. For me it's all been a successful one. I haven't won Tattslotto or anything, but I have created a plan, stuck to it (-ish) and begun building a business for myself in a true and meaningful way.

In this, I've been overwhelmed by the love and support of my family, they have been through it all, everyday, step-by-step and my biggest cheer squad. 

I've been humbled by my friends, who have also been there, holding my banner up high and heralding the charge. I love them so very much. 

People have taught me so much about myself through out this year, and I reckon this it the key to happiness. Learning. About yourself, the world, the universe. Science, art & everything, it all opens your mind...astoundingly and delightfully expanding it, adding new bits to the pile of information already in your brain, shifting it a little to make more room. This is the truly ever expanding universe.


      And remember...