Mother's Day

I received an email from one of my sisters last week which took my breathe away with its simplicity and generosity of spirit. Sometimes it just takes a good idea and a bit of motivation...

St Kilda Mums is a  charitable organisation which provides help to mums who find themselves in trouble. Their project for Mother's Day is From one mother to another and your job is to make up a toiletry bag with all the essentials, send it in to them and they'll make sure a mum in need gets something she needs.

So with an open heart I built a couple and sent them off today. I shared it, like my sister, with my own friends and now they're involved too! It's not too late to  contribute, I reckon they won't even care if you're not a mum yourself and just want to help.

You can get more information from their website and or check them out on Facebook or Twitter

Thank you St Kilda Mums, you're ace!

From one mother to another

From one mother to another