The Business of Illustration

Recently, Illustrators Australia (IA) held a professional development night with a topic close to my heart (and wallet), The Business of Illustration.

Keep in mind I've been to a few business type of seminars and I'm jaded and sceptical about what these types of talks can offer. From previous lives in previous industries they have all blended together to form an overwhelming mass of information that seems quite impenetrable.

I can do the illustration, and there's always new things to learn and ways to be better at it, but the business of illustration has been another whole hairy beast I'm just beginning to get my head around.

Luckily I went to this one. The speaker, Vincenzo Pignatelli of Blue Quoll Publishing was AWESOME!

I'm cross at myself for not speaking to him afterward (I should have got a photo!) but there were lots of people there (a full house - great work IA volunteers!), and lots of people wanting to speak to him after the talk. Everything he talked about made so much sense and it cut through all the other management-speak that turns my brain into  blancmange. 

This talk, coupled with Lisa Congdon's book Art Inc. which I read a couple of months ago, has changed everything.

Lisa's book is a practical overview of the industry and how to go from making art to selling art. With lots of examples it described the why's, how's and opportunities that are out there. When I read it, it gave me a new sense of purpose and commitment to myself and my work. I carry it with me in my work bag.

Vincent's talk brought all this into focus, unbeknownst to him (or may he knows?) he reinforced what Art Inc. discusses, and he spoke in a direct, open and friendly manner which was clear and understandable.  Not only was it a great talk, it was delivered well. What's not to like!?!

I know I'm still finding my feet but it's exciting in a way it wasn't before, so I'd just like to say to IA, Vincent and Lisa a heartfelt: