How I fill my ears…

When I’m at my desk/easel/drawing board and the work I’m doing moves from problem solving and creating to process, I listen to podcasts.

If you don’t know what they are you’re missing out and well, get on board! It’s like a radio show but you decide what you want to listen to and when. They are often episodic and the one’s I subscribe to, hilarious because who wants to hear more bad news and people complaining about the government…

Discussion about what podcasts you listen to have become a go-to topic of conversation and I thought I’d list my favourites. But I couldn't choose so I’ve selected only six to begin with.

These are the ones that I do not miss an episode of, because they make me laugh out load and give me so much joy.


1. Stupidly Small

This is a pair of Melbourne (and Regional Victoria) people who discuss stuff and nonsense about the world and life and aren’t afraid of using a bell to keep each other in line. Lorin and Stuart used to be Breakfasters on RRR so they know their fa-shizzle from their fa-nizzle. It’s daily and almost always less than 30 minutes long. Perfect for the trip to work and keeps the everyday blather of talk-back radio out of my ears.


2. The Dollop

Los Angeles comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds have gotten together for an American history podcast. My first reaction to this was, I’m not interested in American History… but I gave it a shot and well I love it. The podcast, intentionally or otherwise, uses humour to show how unchanging human nature really is throughout history. This may or may not be extrapolated by the listener, that's up to you. Give ‘em a go you’ll love it. It is a bit sweary, but that’s the way I roll so if you’re not able to stomach it you’ve been told.


3. My Dad Wrote a Porno

This is fairly new on the block, my sister referred me this one and after the first episode - yes you HAVE to listen in order, I was totally hooked. I didn’t think a podcast could make me laugh out loud like this one can, The Dollop was top in this stakes until this one… yes it has adult themes and is quite graphic but hilarious, weak bladders be warned!  Jamie Morton reads out chapters from the erotic books his  dad has written to his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. Hilarity ensues.
Honestly - the funniest thing in my ears at the moment.


4. My Favorite Murder

This too is new. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff get together to discuss true crime. Their discussion stems from their fear and fascination with all of the horrible things that have happened and the only way to deal with it is to talk it out.
Their shock and dismay at the stories told leads to some dark humour which is gets me right where my uncomfortableness begins. Love. It.


5. Mr Rabbit and the Bearded Lady

This is a movie review podcast. I don’t go to the movies. I rarely watch movies. I mostly watch tv and if then, I have trouble committing to anything taxing. These guys help me fill in the blanks of what people are talking about around me. And they are funny, I wan’t do an Elena Ferrante and out the speakers but one does have a distinctive voice who I have seen in other places and is a favourite of mine. They are both know their topic and speak about it very well, having a genuine love of the medium. I really enjoy their discussion (in amongst a myriad of health issues).
I might even watch a movie… you never know. For now though, I’m happy to live vicariously through these guys. 


6. The Adam Buxton Podcast

This I love because of Adam. I know little about him as he seems not to have much of a profile outside of Britain, but what I’ve heard of this makes me think he’s great. He interviews people in a gentle and conversational way. He intersperses it all with great jingles that in themselves are fab and this shows that he understands how people engage with recorded stuff like this.

So these are the first 6 of the ones I listen to regularly. It makes me think I'm learned and educated, but really, it stops the Negative Nancy in my head from telling me I'm wasting my time, and gives me something to talk about at parties.

All of these podcasts are available through iTunes and other podcast apps which you may or may not have on your phone. Look them up, everybody needs a bit of funny in their day!

Cheers my dears!