Timing is everything

It’s already halfway through February! Where does the time go? Certainly not adding to my charms… 

The last month or so has been really productive. I’ve finished and printed some promotional postcards and written a short article about my amazing new press for the Illustrators Australia magazine, Outline.

I’ll post the article when it’s published, but in the meantime you can go to www.enjaypresses.com.au, under “success stories” is a hint!

The postcards though, are to be sent to publishers to tell them that I exist. Hopefully they’ll like what they see and get in touch.

I have a campaign ready! six postcards one a month until July, starting in February with one I did last year with a bit of a Valentine’s theme. I love getting things in the mail which aren’t bills so hopefully they will too.

I’m also putting together a print portfolio to be posted (Yes! by the Postie). Some publishers only take physical portfolios and this one will be printed like a magazine and showcase what I think is my best work. 

It’s hard to decide what is left in and what is omitted so I’ve decided to focus it on the lettering and children’s illustrations. Other potential clients explicitly say they want digital submissions, so I’m also doing a version that can be emailed. Lots of work to get work!