Paste-ups are pasted… finally

So my little kids are out there in the wild.


I had been commissioned by Frankston Art Centre to put up some of my little kids as paste-ups but the weather and the glue was defeating me. Eventually making my own wheat paste was easier than I thought. In fact, it was easier than trying to find a commercial solution.

The weather though, that’s different matter. I didn’t want to go ahead and paste them up and then have a down pour overnight that washed them away. So I waited, and waited, and waited. It seemed that the cycle of one day fine and the next day drenching seemed to be never ending. Eventually though this week end was looking good. Saturday fine after a fine day Friday and Sunday is looking fine too. Hopefully they’ll last a few weeks. 

Although there is the question of the painter-outer-er. We have a person in the area, who, with very good intentions, has the grey paint the Council uses to paint out graffiti and they conscientiously keep this bridge in tip-top, graffiti free condition.

As these have been commissioned by the Council, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this person has been told and doesn’t feel the need to clean them up. 

So if you do want to see them, in the wild, be quick! They’re on the pedestrian bridge where Playne Street crosses Baxter Street, over the railway line in Frankston. 

Sorry about the map, best I could do!