The idea of giving is not something new to me. While growing up, giving was a regular part of our day-to-day life. Giving of money, giving of time, giving of resources. If something was needed and we had it to give, we gave it. That was just how it was. It was the right thing to do.

As I grew older and I saw life as busy and hectic and, to be honest, a grind, other people that needed help became white noise. Sad to say, but it’s true, for me anyway, that the beggars and buskers, the requests for donations, charity bins and development funds all got overwhelmed by my own personal needs to look after my family. I helped out where I could, volunteering and fundraising drives but no great cause. As basically that time of my life was survival. 

I’m not as survival based as with a young family and recently two things have popped up and I donated. And it felt great. 

First was to support a project by an enterprising women who decided to see a bit of the world and help out where she could. Kim found the situation for Uluibau Primary School in Fiji needed a boost post Cyclone Winston. The story Kim wrote to support her request is worth the read but to quote a passage:

“…I am asking for your support to establish a new school library at Uluibau Primary School. It’s no myth that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and I believe all children have a right to access education in a safe environment, just as we did growing up. All raised funds will go to the purchase of new (really cool) reading books.”

The thing that struck me was “new”. Why should these kids have outdated, worn out reading material? Why indeed! They deserve better.

Education is the key to everything. We can’t fix it for all schools, and there are so very many in need, but someone I know has put up their hand up to help out one school, and I was ready to back them in. Maybe it was my personal connection to Kim that got me over the line, but whatever it was, it felt great.

 Secondly, I love a good idea, and this one is superb. Mum’s Taxi is a ride sharing scheme being developed by George McEncroe a local Melbourne based comedian/writer/performer. 
I first heard about this on radio, can't remember where, then again, recently on a podcast I listen to called I Love Green Guide Letters Ep221 16 June 2016.

The podcast is not for those with delicate dispositions as many expletives are spoken, but I am a regular listener and it is hilarious. On it George spoke with passion and it was compelling, for our daughters, sons, nieces, aunts, mothers, grandmothers and cousins. And so I put my hand in my pocket and donated. Again, it felt great. 

So I come to the conclusion about giving: It’s feels good. I feel connected to the things I am passionate about. I feel as if I can do something, that I am contributing, that I am supporting people and causes I believe in in a tangible and active way.

I know these may not be your passions, causes or things to support and I'm not sure these are it for me, but it has been good to find this out about myself.  

You can read more about Uluibau Primary School and the rest of Kims’ post here:

You can read about Mum’s Taxi here

Oh, and something I've been working on lately, one for the politicians and the sports commentators...