OMG it’s February… and it’s nearly half over!

Well in a blur of new year and summer holiday shenanigans February is well underway and the first half of the year is looking pretty busy. Late last year I was elected as Vice-President of Illustrators Australia (IA) and along with travel plans, Birdies, submissions to competitions, agencies and publishers, it’s given my brain a good work out. 

Train People, sketchbook, 2017

The President this year is Richard Morden, he has published books and worked in the industry for a long time, you can see his work here: and our Treasurer is Sonia Kretschmar she too has worked in the industry for a long time and is a long standing member of IA, she has also been shortlisted for the Archibald Prize in 2011, you can see her work here: - You can follow them both on Instagram too! 

What I’ve found interesting how easy it is for me to do the promotional and advocacy work for the group, which I find almost debilitating to do for myself. In this ‘social media’ age, of which I am not a native, I can push IA and it’s agenda without a second thought. With my own on the other hand, I find myself crippled with anxiety with thoughts of: am I good enough; what will people think of me; who do I think I am; what am I doing wrong… In short, people will think I’m a dickhead… I guess I just have to embrace my inner dickhead and be the best dickhead I can be. Speaking of dickheads, I did this in support of the Women’s March in January.

Protest Birds,  digital, 2017 

Protest Birds, digital, 2017 

In any event, I’m learning a lot about myself and my skill sets, both illustrative and business. Which is a good thing. Learning more and being open to new ideas and ways of doing things will lead to assorts of fun, new adventures.